Wednesday, July 04, 2007

who me? jealous?

My brother and sister in law have begun the first leg of a trip that will pretty much take them around the world. Right now they are enjoying Hong Kong, and then will go on to Singapore. I received this email today. The subject line read "HK is better than Norfolk." hmph.

"hey hey hey!

We made it here ok and have been having fun. Hong Kong is even better than we thought it was going to be (but still not as awesome as Portsmouth). We are drinking coffee in the lower lobby of our considerably swanky hotel and are about to head to the top of the Hong Kong Peak to look over the city and harbor. fun fun fun.

We head to Singapore tomorrow to see Mr. Schmollinger (aka Weird Duck). things are flying by, as i thought they would. Especially while on an airplane. We'll write again in Singapore.

Love ya,

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suzystel said...

huh, that's a much more descriptive note than the one that flew out of my stapler monday morning, "ha ha ha" thanks, BW. punk betch.