Thursday, July 19, 2007


Last summer my dear husband planted, grew, and tended an impressive vegetable garden that fed us for months and months. Being busy with the baby and all, we decided to nix the veg. garden this summer; and I have really missed seeing all of those delicious, plump tomatoes lining my windowsill. Alas, Mike's mom has a dear customer who frequents her restaurant, and has been keeping us stocked the past couple of weeks with the most perfect zucchini, squash, tomatoes... but the standout of that bounty is the most amazing garlic- huge bundles of savory cloves. It is the best garlic I have ever tasted. We have been adding it to every single dish we cook- even grinding it up in our morning coffee. not really. but hmmm.... might be interesting. Next summer we'll get that garden going again. It will be time to put Henry to work! The dried-up roots in the picture above remind me of a little nest.

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