Wednesday, July 29, 2009

collage work.

See sillies, I've been up to a little more than raising two kids these day! I was so happy to be invited to be part of a show back in March at the New Belmont here in Norfolk. I had been working on some stuff here and there, but after I became a part of this show I really wanted to pump out some new work. Pump out the jamz I did, at least fifteen new solid pieces. Not sure how I found the time, but it was a great feeling after I did. It wasn't necessarily the proper venue (is it really ever??) for the work, per se, but I was just so grateful for the opportunity to show some work. Thanks so much to everyone who made it out to the show that night!!

Lately I have been wanting to return to painting, but in giant (this would be at least a 6' or...5' /4' or something like that for me...) format. I have a lot of new ideas, but I don't want to be all slap-dash about it all. It must be quality, or I'll be wasting my time, money, resources. I would really like for it to be a series of maybe seven paintings (not necessarily all on the "giant" scale), thoughtfully (and well)-executed from start to finish. This is going to take some time- to gather the proper materials, organize my space, and also figure out a do-able schedule. When Henry starts school in the fall, and when the air turns crisp- this may be the proper time to start. I am so ready...

yeah. these kids again...

I was just uploading some pictures to iphoto and found myself at the beginning of October when Annie was born. She just took her first steps last Sunday and is becoming such a little girl. That tiny baby stage has passed now, and her first birthday is not far off. Suddenly she seems so smart and so... long. The months and days that comprise the time between then, when it was just me and Henry home together to the present, to me and Annie and Henry have been nothing short of exhausting. Hence the lack of updates here. Mike has been working twelve hour days, and I often find myself questioning by 10:30 am how I will make it through another day. 8-8 is a looonnnng day of watching two other people and not really having a single moment to yourself. I mean seriously, these little people even follow you into the bathroom. People who don't have any kids won't understand this, people who do, will. Someone told me the other night that my Facebook status updates are boring; that it is always "Annie did this" and "Henry did that." The same person's updates usually center around their work or their "hobbies." I guess the kids are my work And my hobbies these days. (so eat it!!) Between changing diapers, feeding them, and keeping their little minds and bodies stimulated, the day (and my physical/mental capacity) leaves little time for much else. This is a personal dilemma at times, dealing with the sacrifice that is the decision to become a stay at home mother, and neglecting making a pay check, painting, being social, etc.. For me it was never a question as to whether I would take that on, and I was lucky enough to be able to do it. Some days it doesn't feel so lucky, but I have absolutely no regrets. While I was looking at Annie's first pictures I had the realization that I've been doing this for nine months, and that I've made it through. (And accomplished being here with Henry for two years before then). While it has seemed like an eternity, it has really gone by rather quickly. Big hurdles have been passed (Henry is finally close to being potty-trained- only one accident today!) and he starts school at the end of August. And then on to another chapter. And before I know it, this time will seem so distant, and I'll be yearning for these days, and wishing them back again (maybe only after a big glass of wine). I just know I will.
Tonight at the grocery store the woman behind us in the checkout lane was marveling at how happy my children seemed, and I told her yes, they really are. I couldn't help feeling so proud. They are happy, and it wasn't easy, lady (she should have seen them at 11:30 today when Henry was screaming from the time out chair).
I will so miss my babies being "babies"... seriously.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

new additions to the family:

new rides: my element, and the 1960 dodge dart.

hatteras '09.

My uncle has a permanent camper in Hatteras and gave us the keys to set up camp for a few days. When we arrived we discovered that surly wasps had taken over our proposed shelter for the weekend. Needless to say we sought another lodging option. Frisco Woods, just down the road, ended up being the perfect outcome. A nice cabin, access to deserted beaches, and the perfect shallow sound. I am dreaming of a quick return.


I snapped a shot at the exact moment Henry and Annie had noticed Auntie Beth arriving in front of the house. The other day I asked him who his most favorite person in the world was and he said, coyly, "spitball" (the horrible nickname mike taught henry in place of a sweet and simple "auntie beth"). I love that my kids love her so.

foreverever and a day...

It has been even more than forevereverever and a day. For my dear remaining one reader, I vow to begin updating here again. Poor Annie is going to look back and wonder why months passed before she got an update; compared with Henry's near daily postings of 2006-07. I love you girl, just the same. Here we go...