Monday, April 20, 2009


(Henry's first shower- he loves to take showers now. he digs the tile work and fancy faucets)

...we are in the throes of the "terrible two's," but i don't love him any less.


These giant birds have been hanging out in the marsh behind our house. They are vultures, I think. When they spread their wings, the span must be at least five and a half feet. There is an old dead tree on the other side of the marsh from our yard; I call it the "Georgia O'Keefe Tree" because it reminds me of her paintings- although it is actually more Dali-esque... anyhow, the vultures have been congregating on and around this dead tree. About six of them. Every once in awhile they take turns swooping around in circles up to the deep part of the river and then back again. Mike thinks it is some sort of ominous sign, but I don't like to think this way. I like to think that this is just nature at work. It is a cycle.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

portal to hell.

The kids and I are sequestered in my bedroom right now because there are three plumbers drilling holes through my kitchen floor. One thing that doesn't go with three male plumbers is 'nipples.' That's right. When you are a nursing mommy certain situations prove themselves to be a bit awkward. I just don't feel comfortable whipping my boobs out in front of just anybody. I lured Henry in from his dirt pile in the backyard with the promise of allowing him to watch one of his dvd's. He proceeded to repeat "rock garden" over and over again. I eventually figured out that this meant "motorcycle". I am slowly becoming fluent in Henry.
He loves this collection of dvds that his grammy got him for easter last year. Construction vehicles, construction sites, motorcycles, monster trucks, fire trucks. You get the idea. Testosterone type stuff. Each one is led by a "genie" that accompanies two kids on an adventure. They are all super creepy to me. I told Henry that if a man that looks like this "genie" ever approaches him, he must yell "stranger danger" and run away as fast as he can. The construction site one actually sends a chill down my spine. Something about it is just "off." I truly believe this dvd could be a portal to hell. Seriously.