Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday. Official due date is two days away. Went to the doctor yesterday; and she said I am still not quite ready, that I could have him any moment, or it could be next week, that there is no reason to induce me, as we are both as healthy as healthy could be. From a philosophical standpoint I understand and concur, no need to rush. But from a physical standpoint- well...
get the baby out of me! No one really talks about this stage of pregnancy. I am just going to focus on how lucky we are to be having Henry, and concentrate on resting- mentally and physically. She ordered an ultrasound to make sure he was doing well, and that fluid levels were healthy, etc. That was a treat. He is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I didn't think it was possible to be cute through translation of an ultrasound, but it is. The sonographer was very charmed by Henry- she took a milllion photos of his face- he was making these sucking motions with his mouth (ready for the breast!!!). She asked permission to keep his image as the screen saver for the day in the ultrasound lab, because his face is so irresistable! Already charming the ladies, and not born yet! He is huge though, and I am a bit worried. That is why I am so uncomfortable. I have gained a mere 20 lbs, but he weighs probably close to eight. There is no cushion between my skin and his. You could see him opening and closing his eyes... He has these adorable fat cheeks. I think it looks like he got my lips, but Mike's chin. I love my husbands chin... sigh. I can't wait to really see Henry!!!!

On to other things- Project Runway. As irritating and tacky as I found Angela to be, I could not help but feel bad for her. "You are not a jetsetter..." Oh, I love the people of France and their gift for tactfulness... Actually I really do adore the french. They couldn't have possibly sent her back home right away? And Michael- I told my husband that I hope our Henry is like Michael. He is a sweet boy. What he said about Angela was endearing. His outfit was great. I'm a sucker for seersucker too, Michael Kors!! Speaking of Kors, he loves him some Michael!! I really think Michael will go very far in the world of fashion. Jeffrey is a real shit. But I thought he nailed it with his outfit. Except the rhinestones on the crotch were a bit disconcerting. Laura- people don't like her, but I think she's great. Blunt, but a keen observer- I agree with much of what she says. She is so elegant and fabulous. And she is an architect, and I have a soft spot in my heart for architects. I loved her dress. Unbelievable that she has popped five bebes out of that body. (Did you notice how in the scenes from next week she is already showing a bump!!!) Uli- haven't we seen her wear that dress a million times already? I love her gift of matching fabrics/patterns, but come on!!!! Boring. Kaine: I don't even think I need to say anything. The french woman already said it perfectly: you look ridiculous. Vincent- I can't believe he has lasted this far. Still riding the crazy train. He is a wackjob and I find him to be DISTURBING.

It was such a treat to get that sweeping glimpse of Paris. I have had the great fortune to have visited that city numerous times, and, well, I just adore that city. Paris and NYC are my two all time favorites; they make me swoon. How I would love to jump on a plane, meander down the Left Bank. Paris is a lover I never stopped loving. The feeling of that city can never be duplicated. It is like- swimming in a jar full of honey. Paris is so sweet and so perfect. ahhh.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tuesday A.M.

Had to take the walk of shame this past weekend. I was having labor pains in my back. My husband Michael made me call the doctor, who instructed me to go to the hospital. Of course the contractions slowed down once I was in gown with monitors all hooked up. Oh well. Henry just wasn't ready. If anything we got to do a 'dress rehearsal' of the actual event, and are all signed in for when the time comes. Also, I got to listen to Henry's heart beat for an hour and a half. A lovely sound. we kept the graph that charted our vital signs together. An interesting memento. As we were leaving the hospital, another couple was walking out who had done the same thing. I guess it is a common thing, and I shouldn't feel bad. I was just following doctors orders.

Last night I watched a documentary looking back at hurricane Katrina- a year later and I am still shocked and horrified. I just can't fathom how something like that could happen- how these people were just left to suffer. It makes me want to throw up. All over Washington. I can't believe it has been a year since all of that went down. If you are poor, you are screwed. If you are poor and you are black, you are totally screwed. I could rant on and on about this, but given my condition I shouldn't stress myself out. Besides, I just got off of the phone with my mom and already ranted with her about this for an hour. Whew.

Today I am going to paint four small canvases for Henry's room. There is a bare wall above the crib that needs some color/interest. When I figure out how to upload pictures (our iphoto library is a dreadful mess) I will share some images...

With all of the hurricane stuff in the news today, it is a good time to reflect on what REALLY matters; and to reflect on how to make what really matters, MATTER more. n'est-ce pas? n'est-ce pas.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Still pregnant.

Friday, and no baby yet! I was having some major contractions yesterday evening, however they diminished as the night wore on. I woke up this morning and rubbed my tummy: still in there. As I sat at the table this morning looking out at my garden, listening to music, and enjoying my daily glass of o.j., I had the sense that maybe Henry was looking out for me. Perhaps I'd rather be here than in the hospital... The golden solitude of a Friday morning at home, just waiting for wonderful things to come. This solitude was briefly interrupted by a throwing up fit by my cat Hugo. He stood atop his table where he gets fed, trying to dislodge a hairball. He always makes this crazy call before one of these sessions- a lonnnnggg moan; starting deep and low and then becoming more desperate and more high-pitched as it rises from his throat. And then he lets loose. I like that he gives me warning though. You know, so I can watch! He's quite dramatic about the whole thing. As the hairball was ejected he shook his head around, to make sure his mess got spread as far around the kitchen as possible. Isn't that nice? Mommy-training? I see many more disgusting messes in my future. But then I caught up on my daily blog reading and took some pictures. I'm getting used to this maternity leave.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

First Posting

I find that I am quite entertained by blogs these days; thus I thought: why not create my own? As I am writing this, I could go in to labor at any moment. I decided that it would be a good point at which to begin a record of my life- just as my first born's life is about to begin. Henry Cooper will be here any day now- my doctor said that it could be today, or it could be next week. The waiting game is driving me crazy- I have been feverishly nesting for days now. The case is so severe that I fear we will need to install all new hardwood floors after this phase has passed- imagine using a mop so ferociously that it could double as a sander. And I never realized that one could clean entire rooms with a toothbrush- you can! I have! Yes, the baby needs to come soon so that this madness can end. Then it is on to a different kind of madness!