Thursday, August 24, 2006

First Posting

I find that I am quite entertained by blogs these days; thus I thought: why not create my own? As I am writing this, I could go in to labor at any moment. I decided that it would be a good point at which to begin a record of my life- just as my first born's life is about to begin. Henry Cooper will be here any day now- my doctor said that it could be today, or it could be next week. The waiting game is driving me crazy- I have been feverishly nesting for days now. The case is so severe that I fear we will need to install all new hardwood floors after this phase has passed- imagine using a mop so ferociously that it could double as a sander. And I never realized that one could clean entire rooms with a toothbrush- you can! I have! Yes, the baby needs to come soon so that this madness can end. Then it is on to a different kind of madness!

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