Monday, July 09, 2007

mail from the big apple.

Today Henry received a package from NYC- I love it, my kid gets cool packages from cool places, addressed expressly to him. Today it was a sweet hat from his auntie T. She is a film stylist (fashion), and apparently has access to cool swag (ahem, send more if you'd like). This past christmas Tami gave him an adorable knit zebra finger puppet, complete with a little red hat. Since she can't be around more, we were told to interact with him as if this finger puppet was representative of her. So whenever we scold him, we are sure to do it via the finger puppet (i.e. auntie T. said it is BAD to lick the light socket!! Bad Henry!!). Next time she visits we'll be sure to make her wear a zebra costume and a red hat. (I kid, I kid... you know, about the whole zebra costume thing...)

you've got mail!

trying to get him ready for bed...

henry shmooshing auntie T. against the if she hasn't already had a bad enough week...

But we really love you!!! Thanks, Tami!

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