Thursday, July 19, 2007

kitschy kitsch.

Okay, alright, I am addicted to trying to rescue anything vintage that crosses my path. It is getting a bit out of hand- the way that I feel when I find that fabled "mother load"- it is pure bliss. I had one of those days today- yes, that's two weeks now in a row. When I told Mike about my major score he was sort of all "awww, great, just what we need, more stuff." How can one resist all of that kitschy goodness though? I sure can't. I really do feel like I am saving good design of the past from the oblivion of the present. or future. or something like that (maybe I need to iron out the details of my little mission statement there). Anyhow, when we used to live in our apartment we had quite a display of, um, ephemera. When we bought our house, a lot of stuff ended up in the closet (well, a lot of his stuff ended up in his closet) to make way for our more "civilized" crap. Tonight when I unveiled my new collection, he ran to the closet to unearth some of those treasures of the past. We had a kitsch battle. I won. Thank you thrift store usa! Pictured above: A glorious tin, one of my new favorite things in the world; a vintage children's lamp- you can wind it up and it plays a lullaby; another set of cloth napkins that will match my last batch perfectly; a vintage lucite owl napkin holder; a vintage children's room switchplate; a vintage ceramic squirrel guarding his giant nut; and the piece de resistance- my little elfin lady hanging from Mike's re-claimed conquistador. I apologize for the quality of the shots- Henry has decided he doesn't need to take naps anymore, so my time here is relegated to night time when the lighting is bad.
I hope all of you are happy out there in blog-land, my bloggy friends. I have a big wedding I'm doing flowers for this weekend, so I'll be back next week when things settle down a bit.


swampy said...

eeewwwwwwwwwwww..... vintage means junk. thats what you told me when we moved in together. oh so long ago :}

Marissa said...

that's not true. there is just a difference- cool old vintage stuff, and stupid old junk ;/