Friday, July 06, 2007

blah, blah.

I apologize for my recent lack of posts. I have just been feeling a bit blah lately, and it has hampered my writing a bit. One can only write about so many cookouts... To perk myself up tonight I'm kicking back with a frosty beverage and indulging in a little "what not to wear," one of my favorite guilty pleasures. Tomorrow we are going to rearrange some furniture (ALWAYS lifts my mood) and shop at a greenhouse sale being put on by an awesome local nursery (plants are also an effective remedy).
Did I mention that for weeks now, Henry has been pulling-up, standing while barely holding on, and cruising around the furniture like a little monkey? I still cannot get over how fast he is growing- he just seems so tall and long these days. Here are some shots of him hanging out this evening. It is so hard these days to get a good shot of him, because he always seems to be moving.

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