Thursday, May 03, 2007

thrift shop thursdays.

Today Henry and I were supposed to meet J&G/P. at the zoo, however we called it off due to the pissy weather. Yes, I said pissy, because the rain has been drizzling like piss all day. hmph. I love my stay at home mom status (or 'lady of leisure'- sounds more elegant-thanks, J.); but when the weather is rainy and money is not overflowing, activities/diversions are limited. At least when a seven month old is involved. To stay indoors all day with someone who does not yet speak english, or any language for that matter, beyond grunts and whimpers and squeals, is to go a little batty. Throw in a couple of teeth erupting angrily through the gums of that wiggly little someone, and some poop, and you have a recipe for GOING COMPLETELY INSANE. The past several Thursdays we have found ourselves at a few local thrift shops. I am on a never-ending quest for vintage/odd/interesting books to use as fodder for the collages I've been working on. When you don't have a set schedule, per se, it seems almost a necessity to label days. Thus I am declaring Thursdays "thrift shop thursdays." A most perfect diversion for us two.

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