Thursday, May 31, 2007

belated memorialization.

Happy Memorial Day, belatedly. We did the usual cookout, as the spread above indicates. Also contributed to a garage sale at the inlaws, and acquired more than I sold. Ah, and so things go... picked up an entire set of mid-century micasa salmon-colored dinnerware. One of my friends needs to get pregnant with a little girl so that I can break this set out and do up a whole 'girl theme'... salmon... close enough to pink. Actually, one of my friends needs to get pregnant. period.
Also picked up a pair of rad black rollerskates- a childhood dream about to be rekindled... more on that later. Things are just so busy this week- getting ready for a wedding this weekend- my mom and I are doing the flowers. The order came in from the wholesaler this morning, and everything is just going to look so lovely. Mike is on vacation after tomorrow for the next two weeks, which means I'll be on vacation, too. I'm counting the seconds... really, I am.


suzystel said...

don't look at me sister.

Marissa said...

Yeah,I'm a lookin' at you. I can draw a maze, if it'll help you figure it out. "and that goes in there. and that goes in there" (pulp).