Saturday, May 26, 2007


At the end of the day I find myself sitting here with still so much to get done, wondering where the day went. Here I go again, using this space as yet another source to practice my amazing gift of procrastination. It was inherited from my mother, I swear.
This morning we met with our financial advisor- yes, I really did just write "financial advisor." We decided to start going to one because we don't know the first thing about stocks, mutual funds, bonds, etc. When people begin discussing such things my eyes glaze over and I have the distinct sensation that my head has suddenly turned in to a giant balloon which is floating away from my body. This dude is kind enough to meet with us in his office on Saturdays, and he is nice enough and all. A young guy, actually. I appreciate that, because otherwise I'd feel like I was letting my dad tell me what to do with my money. Anyhow, the walls of his office are littered with those hideous framed inspirational messages with the nature scenes looming in the background behind such words as "direction". I have to choke back laughter everytime I'm there- the "goals" frame is always crooked. I pointed this out once and I don't think the guy was amused by my observation.
Thankfully the rest of our day included better things, such as my mom bringing over a baby pool for little Henry. He was so delighted by this- he sat there in the water until his fingers and toes were all pruney. I love these pictures I took of him frolicking in the water. Takes the sting out of the realization that I probably said "roth ira" about a dozen times too many this morning... I never thought such words would pass through these lips.

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