Monday, May 14, 2007


My first Mother's Day weekend was pretty terrific, although I wish I had just relaxed a bit more. Mike watched Henry as much as he could to give me a break, yet instead of resting I tried to cram as much as I could into a couple of too short days. The weekends always seem like such a fleeting blur lately. Ah, such is life. On Saturday night we caught The Polyphonic Spree at the Norva. Great show- how could you not find a band of nearly thirty people dressed in identical robes who create a giant, beautiful wall of sound and drop truckloads of confetti out into their audience not a wildly entertaining experience? It was- wildly entertaining. They performed in front of a giant scrim emblazoned with the word "hope." What a lovely word to stare at in that context, for an entire evening. Sunday morning we did the usual Mother's Day brunch. I couldn't help but to look over at my baby (who turned eight months yesterday!) and feel my heart swell with joy ...and hope. Happy Mother's Day, friends!

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