Thursday, May 24, 2007

in the garden.

The garden is growing quite well considering I haven't planted anything new yet this season. Everything there has just returned from past seasons. I couldn't believe my eyes last weekend when I noticed little spiky-buds emerging from my foxglove which I was sure was dormant this season. Henry is crawling all over the yard now, trying to eat grass and pinestraw. Yum!
foxglove- it is blooming throughout the garden, I refer to this one as "straberry banana" because of a yellow center, surrounded by strawberry colored flute.

lemon drops, and you can sort of see my french lavender about to bloom in the background. note that all of these plants are knee-high or taller.

my trusty whirling guara, or 'whirling butterfly'. this has come back every year without failing to bloom its heart out until the very end of the summer. white butterfly-shaped blossoms whirl and float around on the tips of long and delicate stems.

snapdragons. the foliage never even died back completely through the winter. these should bloom through fall.

Henry, getting a sip of water to wash down the grass and pinestraw! Happy Thursday all!

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