Friday, June 20, 2008

flower shop.

We are working on the flowers for a big wedding this weekend, and I couldn't help but to share some shots of what we are working with. I absolutely love it when the flowers come in and I'm able to enjoy the way they look en masse, after having been processed (our way of saying cleaned, i.e. stems re-cut and foliage that will be below a water line removed) but before being arranged. This wedding is at the Botanical Gardens, and the bride wanted tropical colors of deep yellows, oranges, fuschias, with bright whites and greens, and pale pinks thrown in. The lighting isn't great in my mom's living room so it was hard to get some good images, but you get the idea. Gorgeous, gorgeousness. Hundreds of orchids, lilies, and roses. I'm off now to continue working- we just received an amazing shipment of 100+ gloriosa lilies- splendid!!

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