Monday, June 16, 2008

yee haw.

We had to make a run to the Bass Pro Shop this weekend to get a gift certificate for Mike's dad for father's day. We had never been to this big box 'wilderness' shop before, but had heard some buzz surrounding the place for their kid-wowing giant fish tank and awesome collection of 'stuffed animals.' A tad naive and certainly not a hunter, I had imagined a big selection of cool plush animals; but lo and behold it was a collection of stuffed formerly living animals. Oh. Duh. I wish not to offend any one reading here, but this place was a redneck's fantasy land. Pork rinds? Check. Camo travel neck pillow? Why check, of course. For people who typically scoff at all things 'redneck', we somehow managed to have a bit of fun- much to the non-amusement of the staff. Mike said he kept waiting for Jeff Foxworthy to jump out at us from behind the merchandise displays; it was really sales people who were monitoring us because of all the picture taking and maniacal laughter. And when we were done, we were done (I couldn't take Mike yelling "Git 'er done! one more time). We rushed away to try to shake off some of the camo vibe, stopping just long enough to admire a few Obama bumper stickers scattered about the lot. Who would have known?

nice fish tank. maybe try the marine science museum instead, though.

where did Mike and Henry go?

don't shoot!!

"bucky done gun" (p.s. attention girls who are six months pregnant- if you attempt to wear a belted dress, you will shudder if there is any photographic evidence. I love that dress, but the belt just isn't gonna work any more...)

pork rinds? check, sir!!

camo neck pillows? why, check it is!

arctic cat. vroom.


suzystel said...

you guys are such dorks. love ya!

Marissa said...

we do love being dorks. i am unapologetically dorky!!

swampy said...

yes we are.

Rachel Rae said...

ha ha, you look so cute with your gun!

KennyDoll77 said...

I've got a weird soft spot for that place. I'll walk in and not spend a damned dime, but saunter around and feel the childhood vibes.

Oh and p.s. Bass Pro Shops, I still want to live on a houseboat.