Friday, June 13, 2008

father's day weekend

Early on Friday I determined that we would just proclaim the whole weekend "father's day weekend." This is mostly because I am lame and lack the patience to wait to bestow Michael's father's day gifts upon him until Sunday. I have been very nonchalant about it, telling him not to be dissapointed by a very small present and that things would be very low-key. He has been wanting a seat for the back of his bike (his bicycle, not motorcycle- I'll never let Henry on the back of his Triumph. ever.) so that he and Henry can cruise around the neighborhood. He takes this alone time with Henry quite seriously, and believe me, I am always happy to oblige. So I got him a sweet little cocoon seat for Henry to ride in. Also, both of our ancient ipods died at nearly the same time. We have been ipod-less for about a month now, and it is beginning to really get to us. Mowing the grass and riding in the car are impaired tasks minus the ipod. Not to mention all of the whining I've heard about the cd detritus growing in the car. Technology has spoiled us and there is absolutely no turning back at this point.... so I snuck over to the Apple store this week and picked up a nice little 8gb nano for him. (The thing is ridiculously tiny by the way. It seems like it should have some more meat on its bones for the cost. But that's just me...) And last but not least, I ordered a swell little print from Etsy a couple weeks ago by none other than the awesome Ashley G. She is linked to the right as "kitty genius." I have admired her work for some time, and am thrilled to at last own one of her prints. Perhaps this part of the gift has ended up being a little more for me than him.... hmmmmm. But certainly we will both enjoy looking at it and living with it.

I went out as much as I could because despite working really long hours, Mike always has time for both me and Henry. And it is always quality time. I love him more than anything in this world (well of course Henry is close behind) and always feel happy when I can really show him. I try to every day (keeping the sweet tea pitcher full), but who doesn't like scoring some sweet loot every once in awhile?!


swampy said...

thank you for a great weekend. the last gift was awesome..... :)

Bumble Fart said...

Yall make me want to be a nice wife and mom.

...One day :)