Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Tonight feels like such an historical evening as Obama is clearly our nominee. His speech tonight was so beautiful and
moving; I look towards the future now with a feeling of hopefulness.


KennyDoll77 said...

I saw a ten minute segment on CNN of some fat white lady obsessing over the "fist bump" he and his wife exchanged on camera. Literally, just glossed the fuck over the elephant in the room,...no wait,..donkey, and went about questioning and picking apart the meaning of the fist bump and just what it meant for the Democratic Party and the country as a whole. Give me a fucking break. If that was political satire in 2008, I hope he punches a baby upon being sworn in. Did you catch the sarcasm, fat white ladies of America?

Marissa said...

sarcastic, fat white ladies? what about all of the pundits in general, fat, skinny white ladies and fat, white men?? It is ridiculous, their drivel. If I watch too much cnn or msnbc I get a nasty headache, but sometimes I can't force myself to look away.
I promise there is a lot more idiot punditry to come...

but it will be worth it to have endured once Obama is the next president, no?

KennyDoll77 said...


I mean considering the alternatives, sure. But he's a lawyer after all, so I'm still on the fence about it. Career polititians in general just give me the heebies. I mean to say, Obama gives me considerably less heebies. But I don't have cable, and listen to the feral instincts a little more than the pundits.

Marissa said...

politicians in general give me the "heebies",
plain and simple.
and I always trust my feral instincts,
above anything else in life.