Sunday, November 11, 2007

wedding weekend whirlwind.

whew! This was a big weekend for my floral design business. Two weddings in one day- I worked so hard, my hands (literally) got bloody (I swear that I didn't bleed on the flowers though). I am going to miss working with the awesome bride with the awesome taste... hopefully there will be more soon. Anyone need flowers? We were in such a rush that we didn't even get proper photos. Hopefully the wedding photogs got some good shots. Included above are the amazing orchids we had flown in from Thailand; a reception table (the bride worked for a stint in east Africa at an organization that teaches various trades to tribal women and provides education. Each of those little bags (favors) was sewn and signed by the women; the money from the bags goes directly to the center and to their families); bridesmaid bouquets (callas, orchids, tulips, and freesia); posies (in lieu of regular corsages for the mothers and other important women, the bride wanted little individual handtied bouquets); an altar arrangement with giant cymbidium orchids, protea foliage, bells of ireland, and makara orchids; and a lovely pomander ball for the flower girl completely covered in roses (she had matching roses for her hair).


Amber said...

Hey I'm getting married next June. Maybe we can talk flowers! What do you think?

Marissa said...

That sounds wonderful!! Cassie told me what your colors are, and I have some ideas!!