Thursday, November 08, 2007

hiatus recap; on the James

sunset over the James

Henry w/"Turd"

more beer, please.



Every year Nic's parents have an oyster roast in the fall. They live on the most beautiful property, far away from hideous strip malls and the busy intersections of suburban sprawl. Their house sits back from a slight cliff over-looking the beautiful James River. Each time I am invited, I never want to leave. I dream of waking up in the morning and enjoying that spectacular view. Of lazing around on the river's shore, painting in plein air with nothing to disturb me, or boating around for an afternoon... This was Henry's first visit, and he had a great time chasing the dogs around, drinking beer, and slurping down perfectly, just barely roasted oysters doused with hot sauce. Actually, Henry didn't do those last couple of things. But Mike and I sure enjoyed them. We chased around some dogs, too.

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