Thursday, November 08, 2007

one month and about four days later...that.

I cannot believe it has been so long since my last post; although the past month has been so busy, it has seemed like four months rolled into one. The organization of floral jobs, two birthday dinners, a huge surprise retirement party for my mom, and being the constant companion to an amazing little thirteen month old has left little time to for much else- except we did manage to squeeze in some major entertainment. Blonde Redhead, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and Cat Power at the Norva (the latter being my favorite show of all time at the norva- Chan Marshall did not disappoint!), not to mention David Sedaris at Chrysler Hall, Nic's Halloween party, the Welch's annual oyster roast, and a neighborhood wine gathering. I have been yearning for cooler weather, and it came just in time last week for Henry's first hayride and trip to the pumpkin patch. That little guy is literally growing before our eyes- I can judge this because in order to avoid hardcover avalanches, my books have been moving up a shelf a week.... he is growing... a shelf a week! Henry has arrived in the throes of a really fun age. I am just in love with this little person, and his wildly developing personality. He is sensitive, gentle and kind; a budding comedian with a strong-willed drive for independence. He loves to run around outside- the other day he was sitting on the floor trying to put his socks and shoes on. This is an indication he is ready to go outside. now. He also loves to sit in my lap for long stretches with his favorite blanket and have me read to him book after book. He points at the pictures- "that" he says, meaning "what's that?". That, is one happy me. I am thankful every day for "that".

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