Wednesday, April 18, 2007

week of sound.

Our homepage is Pitchfork Media, a website about all things happening in the musical sense. Tonight I logged on only to be confronted with not one, not two or three, but four people rocking fur hats. what's up with that? And those gold lame tights from American Apparel are JUST what I need for tomorrow night's Flaming Lips show at the norva. Yes, it is the week of sound; what with last nights TV on the Radio show (AMAZING), tomorrow nights Flaming Lips, and then Friday night at the Boot, to hear my husband play with his old band Flourescent. whew. I'm exhausted already, and it is only mid-week. Think those tights are just what I need for a little pick me up.


thepinktree said...

drive to cary town get them tights! or maybe you would be lucky and they would have a pair at h&m you might have to deal with a different color or maybe footless.

i hope i didnt wake you or scary you with a 10 am phone call. flat tire flat tire. see you tonight!!!!

Marissa said...

i'm usually up pronto, 6am-ish. i would prefer to sleep in a bit, but henry doesn't want to miss a second of the day. he is our little rooster, getting us up with the sun.