Sunday, April 29, 2007

"I'm Just Sayin'"

Last night we had some friends over for "impromptu Game Night" (as t-bird dubbed it). Needless to say, the game playing was minimal; I think I saw Thom and Bobby break out the game and play a bit around midnight. The night mostly consisted of fun stories from the P's about their neighbors (hence the post title); watching their little guy have a blast in his p.j.'s; and Mike and I being amazed our loud voices didn't wake Henry up. Not once. We need to get together more often! P.S. Bobby- you are the master of the Graves Mobile.


Anonymous said...

we should definitely do that more often. it was so fun! and g was so well behaved. he LOVES you guys!! and bobby IS the MOBILE MASTER.

thanks for having us.

p.s. should we really be calling it game night when cassie falls asleep on the couch? i mean, i'm just sayin'... i'm just sayin'.

Marissa said...

cassie fell asleep way before g. hahahahah!!!

Cassie said...

dudes, i was tired. i've gone for some time without getting furby on ya...i'm just sayin...give me some credit ;)

cjp said...

Cassie comes by it honestly. She comes from a long line of individuals who fall asleep on their friends. Just ask your Mom. You could always try the bag over the head trick.