Thursday, April 05, 2007

kids on fire.

For a lovely evening in, might I suggest the film "Jesus Camp". Be prepared to throw up in your own mouth- I did, at least three times. The film follows a few children who are on their way to a pentecostal summer camp, called "Kids on Fire" (ironically the camp is located in Devil's Lake, ND). These children are homeschooled by their parents and taught things such as global warming is a figment of liberal's imaginations and Bush is the savior of the world. You know- the basics. The summer camp is run by a children's minister named Becky Fischer. She hopes to create an army of children to spread christianity throughout the world, and admits to being inspired by the militantcy by which the Isrealis and Palestinians train their children. At one point in the film she tells a dj on an Air America radio program that the problem with democracy is that "we can't give everyone equal freedom because that's going to destroy us." hmmm. The film is infuriating and heart-breaking. Heart-breaking because these children are so bright and creative, yet their hearts and minds are being destroyed by evil brainwashing. They are being taught to hate and to fear with passion, and never get the chance to just be kids. At one point in the film one of the children goes on vacation with his family to Ted Haggard's New Life Christian Church. Mr. Haggard goes on and on about sin, and the sanctity of family, and honesty. Yeah- the same Ted Haggard that not long ago was exposed for his penchant for homosexual prostitution and crystal methamphetamine! I love it. Hey, don't forget to enjoy a glass of jesus juice while watching this one! (oh yeah- in the picture above those kids are hailing.. I mean... worshiping Jesus Christ... I mean George Bush. way to go Becky Fischer.)


Rachel Rae said...

I have been wanting to see this, it's like an extreme version of my childhood.

thepinktree said...

you took pictures of your tv again

suzystel said...

fucking yuck, dog. that movie made my satan blood boil.