Thursday, April 26, 2007

noses, you know-ses.

the hardest part of my weekdays used to consist of researching the history of entire subdivisions in norfolk; or scouring plats and records for old right of way easements located on streets that exist currently as vacant lots. or running a property back to around the time this area was colonized and people used to buy and sell land by exchanging handfuls of dirt. it seems the hardest part of my days now consists of trying to extract boogers from henry's nose. you laugh. you tisk. you think- all she has to write about now is shredded cheese and boogers. well, YOU try getting a booger out of a seven month old's nose. he acts as if i'm giving him the 'mummy' treatment; you know, the process during which one, using a hook, removes the subjects brain through their nose. in stark contrast is his reaction to a good ear-cleaning. during this procedure he closes his eyes and smiles and sighs, as i swipe the q-tip about his outer ear. these things may sound quite easy, but ten hours non-stop of such things makes for a pretty LONNNNG day. throw in several temper tantrums (the tooth cutting through his gum) three meals of food-flinging, a couple rounds of sesame street, two snack sessions with sticky banana hurling and a sneaky dog trying to swipe henry's sweet potato puffs, a bath session with major splashing and countless diaper changings (ever had poop under your finger nails?)....once those ten hours are up i.e. when mike returns home from work, i usually melt in a puddle on henry's play carpet and raise up my white flag. unbelievable how exhausting that kiddo can be. but i'd much rather be looking for boogers than property lines on an ancient map. the rewards of this job are far greater. like being able to shout out "i've got it!!! i got your booger! ha!"

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