Sunday, April 29, 2007

sunday (insert sunday night hbo original series music montage).

I used to really detest sundays; now i love them. these days sundays represent great family days; as opposed to: pooh! blah, tomorrow is monday. this is actually a major sea-change in my life. yup, used to hate sunday's THAT bad. today, the usual breakfast (mike makes it for me, we're talking a whole elaborate brunch spread, and i don't even have to clean the dishes afterwards), a film- 'elizabethtown'- sappy, but goddamn, i love cameron crowe, and note to self- MUST drive cross-country, a little yard work (mike mows the grass while henry and i nap), and then dinner at the inlaws (whom i love dearly, by the way-i am one lucky girl). cap it off with a new episode of the sopranos, and you have the most perfect day. (those are some flowers from mike's parent's yard- glorious irises- look totally psychedelic, right? and lily of the valley- heaven scented; mike's parent's have a slot machine in their house- henry loves to watch them pull the handle- little gambler...and a picture of henry after our 'after nap bath'... couldn't resist the nudie pic. he'll hate me for it later, surely, but this is now, right?).

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sweet, sweet baby!!