Monday, May 05, 2008

monday etceteras

Henry is napping so I am taking a break, sitting on the couch. This is what I see- my pansies in the window box through the screen; they are all leggy and looking very end-of-the-season, but I admire them nonetheless. I love this spring weather, warm but not hot. Cool, open-window weather. I can hear my neighbors children just arriving home from school. They are running, laughing and screaming into their backyard.

Some roses from the garden. They actually smell really nice- a sweet fragrant lemon-y scent. I love how big and floppy the petals are. They look almost like peonies from a distance, or crepe paper flowers. Lately I have been blown away by the climbing roses I've seen. That will have to be a new addition to the yard next spring.

Some cucumbers waiting to be planted. The Five Points Farmers Market re-opened this weekend in a new spot just down the street from us. We scored lots of great veggies and fresh local butter. We also scored a new Saturday morning ritual!


R said...

What time is the farmer's market on Saturdays? Thanks!

Marissa D. said...

Sat. 9-5
Sun. 11-5

weekday hours, too.