Tuesday, May 13, 2008

expensive donuts, amazing utter closeness, and other things

I'm still glowing from an excellent Mother's Day weekend. On Sunday we hosted a family brunch. These days I love so much to have people gathered in my house, eating together, relaxing, and enjoying each other's company. As long as it only lasts for a few hours (which is the beauty of a brunch). I've been realizing more and more lately how lucky we are to be surrounded by such great friends and family. Their proximity means that we can get together often, but for shorter amounts of time. I kid, I kid. But I am serious about loving my family more than ever lately. It could be because I am busy building my own strong and loving family. Perhaps I am just becoming more mom-like... mom-like without the 'mom jeans.' ever.

I will be nineteen weeks along tomorrow, and this is the part of pregnancy that I love. There is a rush of excitement and happiness that I can't quite explain- a strange sort of pure awareness. As I write this I can feel the baby rolling over inside of me and this sensation moves me- literally and emotionally. I guess I could say it is the extreme exact opposite of feeling loneliness. Which I am prone to, and I think some people just are, and I think there is absolutely nothing wrong and actually something great about the experience of feeling or being lonely. If any of that made sense. But for now I relish this sense of Amazing Utter Closeness.

Along with the giddy happiness comes the crying easily part. So cliche, yes I know, but whatever. This weekend I cried when I realized how much we spent on a dozen donuts and two pastries from the French Bakery (beware: a trip to the French Bakery might set you back um, I don't know, a good chunk of your monthly mortgage payment. Seriously. Beware.). Something else that made me cry was the mother's day card that Mike gave me on Sunday morning. It included a beautiful photo booth strip of him with Henry (My Favorite Men) and a little drawing by Henry. All attached to a fig tree, which Mike and I have been talking about wanting to get and plant forever. It was so thoughtful and touching that you would have cried too, dammit.


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