Wednesday, April 30, 2008

maple park

Another stop on Saturday brought us to the Currituck Skatepark (also known as Maple Skatepark). It is located right next to the small Currituck Airport just across the state line in North Carolina. I couldn't believe that on a Saturday afternoon there was only one other skater there. There was something sort of eerie about the place- this nice little park in the middle of (what felt like) nowhere, with tiny little prop planes taking off and landing at regular intervals. It has an 11 ft vert keyhole with pool coping and an open flow bowl attached. For awhile we were the only ones there, so Henry was able to run around the keyhole section and watch his daddy dropping in while I shot some little digital clips.
I like how the bright sun reflecting off of the concrete blew out some of my shots, making them look sort of vague, much like an old memory is sometimes remembered.


Thom said...

superfun pics!

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Sam McDonald said...

Nice photos ... I should have known somebody was a skateboarder with that Bob Lake connection!
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