Wednesday, April 30, 2008

day trippers, yeah.

On Saturday we had a nice little day on the Outer Banks. Jockey's Ridge was our main stop, and is always amazing- it makes me feel like I am in that one desert scene from The Doors film... but without the illicit drug use. H. seemed to enjoy his first giant sand dune experience. I have so many wonderful memories of visiting the ridge as a child- the bright, wonderful kites, the hang gliders, rolling down the steep and sandy cliffs. It has been awhile since I last visited Nags Head, and I was sort of shocked at how built up it has become. It is a sad thing to see all of the crappy and tacky strip malls that have popped up. I guess people really don't care that technically this sweet little land mass is just a barrier island after all. It seems nothing is sacred, especially when people see all of those dollar signs looming about.

Exactly seventeen weeks pregnant, today. Two weeks from tomorrow we get to have a look-see at our little love and find out the um, nature of its, um, parts. Two nights ago I felt the first kicks- I had forgotten just how amazing and strange that feels.

I dug an old Beta Band album out of my closet on Monday morning and that has been my soundtrack for the week. It is the three e.p.'s album, and I remember buying it in London. That is a freaking good album.

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