Tuesday, April 15, 2008

some flowers around the house right now:

From top to bottom are the orchids; looking a little droopy but still hanging on from my birthday weeks ago. Some dogwood and azalea branches on the mantle, collected from around the yard. I love the simplicity of a single flowering spring branch placed loosely in a vase. The bottom pictures are of esperanza and spray roses. Those esparanza roses are giant, with stems that are literally three feet tall. They are sometimes called 'cabbage roses' because their blooms have a lovely and slight greenish hue and its multiple layers of petals unfurl like a big old head of cabbage. These were bought yesterday so that we could do a dry run on some things in preparation for a wedding at the end of the month. The bride has awesome, over the top taste. She requested that her bouquet be modeled after the promo pics of Sarah Jessica Parker's (well, Carrie's, actually) bouquet from her wedding with Big in the upcoming Sex and The City movie. I love our bride's with bold and daring taste.
Her centerpieces are extravagant and over the top as well!!

Last night I ate a big bowl of black-eyed peas, some collard greens (some strange southern leftovers sent over by Mike's mom), and then finished it all off with a big bowl of cheerios, a banana, and two shots of chocolate milk (we found this heavenly organic whole chocolate milk- it is like drinking chocolate pudding). I feel like an alley cat scrounging for stray morsels of 'this' and 'that'. Yesterday I almost ran over someone because they were taking too long to cross the street and I NEEDED MY VEGGIE DELITE ON WHOLE WHEAT RIGHT NOW!!!! My appetite was not at all like this when I was pregnant with Henry. What could be different this time around? I'm wondering if it is a girl this time??


swampy said...

a little tissy maybe?

Margaret said...

I wanted to thank you for mentioning my blog, A Way to Garden, on your blogroll (which apparently means you like it!). Beautiful flowers, and congratulations I guess are in order as well, from what this post talks about...