Thursday, March 19, 2009

been busy.

My brother said I needed to update this space; funny, coming from someone who updates their blog quarterly. I digress.
So I've been super busy raising two kidlets in such a way that I hope will lead them to be sympathetic, honest, fun, creative, intelligent, hard-working, inspired individuals with good ethics and excellent manners. This takes constant supervision and action on my part. It leaves me too tired to blog. Secondly, I've been busy cleaning up their messes. You wouldn't believe the amount of mess that such little people are capable of creating. It is mind-boggling. And often-times it really, really stinks. One of those kids hasn't ever taken a bottle, so I've been feeding her solely with my body for the past four and a half months. This is also tiresome. It does give me computer time, because I peruse the intranet on the old ibook when she's nursing. But it is never enough time to blog using any sort of serious thought. So I waste my time on facebook. and dlisted. She has just started solids, though, and is even sitting up! Before I know it, she'll be an angry adolescent who refuses to speak to me in any sort of meaningful capacity. I presume I'll be able to begin regular blogging at least by then. I have also been staying up late to work on new collage pieces for an art show at the New Belmont. It is in honor of women's history month. I am by no means really an historical woman, per se, but I am a feminist and I have squeezed two babies out of my vagina. Somehow this pre-qualified me to be in the show. I'm very pleased with the work- come and check it out, friends!


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