Monday, February 23, 2009

for my friends who are having problems with verizon... CEO's email address and phone # to his assistant.

*note- Quite some time ago Mike and I were charged by Verizon for services that we never received. After dealing with a year of total bullshit from them we had had enough. I did a bit of sleuthing online and found the verizon ceo's email address. After a year of total b.s. I sent an email to this man, and approximately a half an hour later I received an email from his assistant... needless to say, it pays to be persistent: it was all resolved within a couple of months. here is a copy of my email. The ceo's email address follows... I have never felt closer to hell than I did when dealing with this customer service nightmare...

"need customer service here!‏
From: marissa DiGirolamo (
Sent: Tue 5/20/08 4:46 PM

May 20, 2008

Mr. Seidenberg,

I am contacting you after having exhausted and re-exhausted all of the other possible
avenues of arriving at a solution to my dilemma. What I have on my hands here is to
me nothing short of a customer service nightmare in which I am sinking in the depths of
a 'no-exit' sort of purgatory, and am desperately seeking resolution. I am hoping that you
may be able to assist me and my family.

My husband and I were satisfied Verizon customers until we decided we no longer needed
our home phone (because we had our trusty Verizon Wireless). We wished to keep our Verizon
Internet service intact, but were told that this service would have to be disconnected and a "dry loop"
would have to be installed in its place to accommodate the connection lost when we cancelled our
telephone service. This was fine, however after weeks of our reconnection date being rolled back,
we decided we could no longer live happily or productively without our internet and proceeded to
terminate our relationship with your company. This was on February 6, 2007.

During the month of July in 2007 we received a letter from a debt collector stating that
they were attempting to collect a debt for Verizon in the amount of $89.85. We were shocked,
as our account was paid in full through the time of cancellation. Upon contacting your company,
Sir, to try to determine what this charge was, it was revealed that we had been charged $29.95
during the months of February, March, and April of 2007 for the dry-loop service which was
never even established! This amounted totalled $89.85, and we were told that it was a misunderstanding
and our account would be credited and the debt collector would be notified. No problem.
Except that this same exact predicament has occurred three more times, with a grand total of four
times. This amounts to At Least approximately nine hours of phone calls speaking with representatives
and being shuffled around from various Verizon company departments here and abroad. Multiply these
approximate nine hours , by oh, about 89.85 and you might understand the amount of headaches, frustration, and stress this has caused. Did I mention that I am five months pregnant? Doesn't it bother you that your fine
company is causing such stress in the lives of pregnant women? I spent an hour and a half this morning
speaking with pleasant Cheryl in Pennsylvania and quiet Ciolat and 'trying to be helpful' Mohammed in
India who told me this would be resolved. However I have heard these words before, and I am not
convinced this will ever go away.

Which is why I am writing to you. The account # in question is ********70957547. That is the account #
which was assigned to the dry loop connection that never existed. Our old telephone # at the
time was 757 *** 1785. The account # associated with that number was *********772 00Y. The
account was in my husband's name, *****l DiGirolamo. It is under that account # above that the three erroneous charges of $29.95 appear. My husband who works very hard has wasted so many of his lunch
breaks so that he could try to resolve this, because your department which handles such calls is only open
from 8am until 6pm, which are the hours of his workday. It was his name on the account, so he
has been the one who has had to call all of these times. We are about to begin construction on
our home, and it would be horrible if an error on the part of your company, sir, has blemished our
credit and endangered this endeavor. This "dry loop" which was never even created but for which we have
been charged and made to suffer for have made me feel like I am trapped in just that: a dry-loop,
Mr. Seidenberg.

Please let me know if you can be of any assistance in this matter. I have a blog that is really just a small
blog; but my stat counter reveals that I get an average of about 40 unique visitors a day. Not a lot, really,
but wouldn't it be great if you could resolve the matter and I could post your reply letter of help so that all
of my visitors could see what a great CEO you are and read about how Verizon is a fine company after all?
If this doesn't work then I will have to do the contrary, only after contacting my local state regulators.
Really, thank you in advance for any help you may be able to provide.


Marissa DiGirolamo"

What follows is the message back I received from the CEO's assistant:

"Dear Mrs. DiGirolamo:

Thank you for your recent correspondence to Ivan Seidenberg, Chairman of Verizon. I have been asked to respond on his behalf.

I am sorry that you have had such a difficult time in resolving a billing issue related to cancelled DSL service. I will be happy to insure that it has been cared for, I would like the opportunity to discuss with you. Please call be at your earliest convenience on 1(800) 483-5288 or directly on the number below.

Thank you,
Lois O'Connor
Executive Customer Relations
(212) 321-8459"

Please note that it still took a couple of months for the issue to be resolved. It was obnoxiously frustrating, but I do think it is over. I hope. (if not, I think I know who to contact.)

I hope this helps anyone who is having problems with Verizon.


suzystel said...

i love it! perhaps you could be of assistance in my debacle with volkswagen. i've tried everything, but they won't honor their manufacturer's warranty, dammit!

Marissa said...

god- do not even get me started on VW!! we have had so many issues with the jetta...

suzystel said...

yeah, i love my jetta, but i am stuck in a wet loop. random water leaks in a brand new vehicle are apparently not covered in the warranty. wtf? so aggravating.

mapdock said...

awesome. reminds me of this book "the lazlo letters" ( written by the guy that played father guido sarducci on the old sat. night live. he wrote letters to all these famous people and actually got responses back from them, in many cases. as with your example, his motto was: "you write letters, you get letters back."

Anonymous said...

I'm in the middle of my own nightmare, too.

Even though it's almost 2 years after your incident, I will try that route. I already called the FCC and my local consumer agency, which is sending me a form to fill out, so they can take control and resolve it for me.

I will have to scan a bill for three separate bogus and nonexistent Verizon accounts when I tried to get DSL installed in my new apartment. It was such an ordeal (they kept canceling my orders without notifying me, and I was spending many fruitless hours on the phone while I needed to be packing and making moving arrangements) that I canceled everything. Now they're billing me, even though they never installed everything, and I returned the two modems they sent me after they canceled my installations.

I can never reach a human being, and every "special number" they give me to get to the right department only routes me to the main number all over again, and every transfer to the right department is always the wrong one, without fail.

Verizon is the Seventh Circle of Hell...

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