Tuesday, March 24, 2009

kidlet update.

I must be dreaming because it is 9:39 pm and I'm sitting on the couch enjoying a glass of wine while both of the children are sleeping in their rooms. Yes. Annie is sleeping. In her crib. Amazing! It has taken a long time to get to this point, but just in the last three weeks there has been a big change in her. She started sitting up without toppling over two weeks ago. She started eating solids maybe about three and a half weeks ago. Her pediatrician gave us the go ahead, and she was so interested in what we were eating, when we were eating (to the point of emulating chewing and drooling all over herself) that we decided she was ready. I gave her the rice cereal maybe once or twice and just jumped right in to the regular first foods. Three days of one thing exclusively, beginning with pears, then applesauce, then bananas, then squash, and now we are on to green peas! She is such a good little eater, she has a meal of a veggie and a fruit once a day. She could probably do more, but for now I don't want to mess up my milk supply so for now I'm going to keep it to one meal of solids. She has never taken a bottle and seems ready for the cup (she grabs the rinsing cup when I'm bathing her and tries to sip from it), so I have a sippy cup ready to go for the next time I have to leave her during a feeding.

Henry's words have also started just spilling out. We are so thrilled! Whole sentences are coming now, complete with prepositions. He is saying the funniest things. My favorites are 'back-pack' (it sounds like 'pack-back'), 'spit ball' ('speet bawl' our new nickname for auntie beth!) and 't-ball' (sounds like 'speed ball' hmm.). He loves the Velvet Underground and tries to sing along to 'Run,Run, Run' complete with reverb and screeching guitar sounds. I love it. We started potty training last weekend and that is going pretty well. He is enrolled to start preschool in the fall at Trinity. It is a five day a week half-day program. He is so excited about this, and I can't wait for him to make some little friends. He is such a sweet little boy and just an awesome kid all-around.

Sorry to bore everyone with this stuff, but I hadn't updated in so long, and so much has happened worth noting. I love to be able to look back on Henry's first year here so I can remember when he first started sitting up and what his first foods were. I haven't updated as much with Annie because I'm so much busier now, so I had to squeeze in some news. My birthday was yesterday- I'm 32 now. And every year life just gets better and better, if that's possible.


Bumbles said...

Not boring at all!
Baby Stories = :)

See you Friday!

suzystel said...

your babies are beautiful! *almost* makes me want my own. :)