Thursday, November 13, 2008

lovely and amazing

I have struggled to update here lately- my fatigue has limited my brain's ability to... to... um, what was I saying? Chasing after a two year old and taking care of an infant has left little time to do much else except for those two things. Not to mention the construction that continues on our house. As I am typing there are people knocking down drywall, electricians drilling holes, and our tile guys cutting tile with a wet saw. Throw two kids in and a barking chihuahua. It is loud and raucous. Hopefully it will all be wrapped up by christmas. Perhaps then we can all breathe again. Mike keeps saying that we will laugh about all of this one day. hmmmm.

Annie is lovely and amazing. Despite the "colic" she seems to have developed. The first couple of weeks she was so sweet and docile, and never cried. By the third week she began what we referred to as her "witching hour" during which she would cry off and on inconsolably. This witching hour has extended to lasting three hours a night, at the least, and the crying has turned into shrill screaming. Henry was not always the easiest baby, but he never cried like this. Nobody can quite explain what 'colic' is, and everyone seems to have their own theory; but whatever it is, Annie fits the description to a 't'. Mike and I just sort of hand her back and forth, trying all combinations of swaddling, noise machine, rocking, loud shooshing, bouncing, swinging. Does anyone have experience dealing with this? The worst part of it is is that it happens between 9ishpm through 12:30 am. And then I still have to feed her every two and one half hours through the night. We are both so sleepy we walk around like zombies during the day. If any one has any colic tips we would so appreciate it. I told Mike- "don't worry, love. we'll laugh about this one day."

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swampy said...

baby nighttime swap. anybody with sleeping babies that want to trade get in touch.. just kidding.