Wednesday, November 26, 2008

donkey balls (inspired by beth and Dov C.)

What in the hell is this bull? Please don't tell me you people are loving this. Mineral washed jeans from American Apparel?!? It looks like what was popular when I was in the sixth grade, and subsequently what I wore. I was in love with my high wasted, tapered leg jeans, slouchy suede boots and denim jacket. I kept pins on the 'lapel' of my jacket. I insisted on sleeping in it. Cassie and I loved to make our moms take us to Foxmore's at the mall so they could buy us super fancy "brooches." We wore some really hideous crap back then. Painting wooden crap while wearing acid washed bubble skirts and whatnot (we liked to craft some ugly "country craft"-y poo. remember, this was 20 years ago. Hearts, sheep, ducks. cringe. The crafting was usually followed by Cassie correographing some intricate MC hammer dance for us to "perform" in her mauve bedroom. I'll tell you some other time about the 'booger wall'. Anyhow- I digress). But this just blows my mind, these acid washed jeans in '08. Do you guys remember how there used to be actual grit in the pockets of acid washed clothes, from the mineral wash process. I wonder if the American Apparel jeans come with the grit. Are you people buying this? Are 'hipster' nerds in nyc and at cobrasnake parties wearing this?


swampy said...

you want them so bad... with a perm

marissa d. said...

a spiral perm. yes.
and a matching kaboodle.

Anonymous said...

donkeyballs is a copyrighted term sucker
plus i saw you trying a pair on at the mall
i bet you were out this morning buying a matching set for the whole fam

marissa d. said...

no, beth, i was out at the mall buying a matching set for your fam.


Thom said...

i heard that an American Apparel is moving into the Carraway House in Kempsville.

the circle is complete.

Cassie said...

i just now read this. i think my best routines were performed to c & c music factory.

thom - that's hilarious.

Marissa said...

"everybody dance now.
bah bah bumbah bah bah bumbah
everybody dance now"