Monday, September 03, 2007

the old country.

Today I got the ultimate treat of a bambino-free relaxation day- a trip to the amusement park. My brother and I spent the day riding the roller coasters over and over again at Bush Gardens. It was especially cool to go and spend the day there with him, as we went often as children and it was fun to relive some old memories. Funny how we remembered some of our old fears and observations and realized we shared many in common-i.e., "will that big saw in the log flume slice me in half?" And how excited we were when we met that magic mark on the height stick and were tall enough to ride the Lochness Monster with our dad. For anyone who hasn't yet experienced the Griffon- you must go. Immediately. We rode it at least three times, and I still wish I had waited to go a fourth time. It is the smoothest and most thrilling roller coaster of all time. An amazing feat of marvelous engineering, it dominates the park with it's beautiful blue serpentine coils. You must check it out. Thanks for a great time today, Thom.


funhaus said...

Nice pics! The first one is the best.

Yeah, I really enjoyed it- was totally fun - and we definitely got lucky with the crowds, weather, and that saw blade.

SweetBrier Scraps said...

Wow! I went on the Griffon this summer too! I was home visiting the fam and we took a trip to Busch. I grew up on the peninsula so I went to Busch Gardens, worked at Busch Gardens and try to go back as much as possible even though I now live in KY! Nice to see some pics of home.