Wednesday, September 19, 2007

a new era.

Henry's "birthday week" came and went with much fanfare, cake, and many, many helium balloons. He got some really beautiful things, including lots of wooden toys and a gorgeous handmade quilt sewn by his aunt and godmother. As I've been reflecting on the past year, it feels almost like I turned "1" too; my first year as a mommy. Wonderful, tiring, sometimes stressful, sometimes lonely. It was hard to leave my job behind (and my selfishness). Since I spent the last year devoted entirely to Henry (for the most part- I devoted a great part to Mike, but I am forever devoted to him), I have resolved to spend a little more time on me. I have stacks of collages to finish off, and countless other projects waiting to be brought to fruition. I said this blog wasn't a "mommy blog", but it sort of became that way. These pages will still naturally contain a lot of Henry, but hopefully now more of other stuff, too. Cheers, friends!! And happy 30th to old t-bird, too.

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