Friday, September 07, 2007

goodbye, hello.

A very dear friend of my family's passed away unexpectedly this week- a man whom my parents, brother, and I have been very close to for the past twenty-eight years. I have been feeling very melancholy over this for the past couple of days. Tomorrow afternoon we will attend his funeral, and then a couple of hours later I will be attending the wedding of some friends that I sort of "set-up" a while back. A day of sadness, a day of joy. You will be missed dearly, Mr. Frey.

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Anonymous said...

i will see you tomorrow. i have been thinking of your and all of you all's stories for these past few days- and thinking how lovely dwayne has always been and so helpful, thinking of libby... it is part of our family. so great to a part of it. so much to be thankful for.