Thursday, March 08, 2007

weeble wobble.

This morning Henry sat up unassisted. I still had to sit him up- but instead of rolling to the side or slumping forward, he was able to balance. amazing! Next he'll be pestering me for a twenty. We were sitting in a patch of sun this morning reading a book and Henry tipped his head back and smiled up at me. sigh... it just melts my heart. I feel so amazingly lucky that I am able to stay home with Henry and have moments like that. Unrushed, unhurried; quiet, calm, lovely. I miss so so much being around other adults, or at least other people that can speak beyond a syllable and sit up on their own without tipping over.... and that paycheck that enabled me to shop according to my daily whims... but that head tipped back and that smile: makes it all worth it, tenfold. Here are some pictures of him weebling, wobbling, and trying to crawl (creeping is what I call it).

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Rachel Rae said...

Congrats, what a big step! He is right on top of those developmental milestones. That little rug he is on is super cute.