Friday, March 02, 2007

arsenal of fun.

each day i am being able to add in new toys to henry's collection of things he can actually play with. it is amazing how you can almost track his development day to day; how he can do something new at the beginning part of the week that he couldn't do last week, and by friday he has mastered it- i.e. moving smaller and smaller objects from hand to hand, grasping for things that are out of his reach... hand/eye coordination stuff. also, i am really trying to get him to associate words with objects. instead of just going to the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea, i'll say "henry, mommy is going to the kitchen now to get my cup and make some tea." talking in the third person rocks. henry is also really enjoying music these days. last night we were watching a documentary about the making of the dark side of the moon, and he was very taken by it. we listened to radiohead today and he seemed mesmerized- he really seemed to be concentrating on the different sounds. he makes singing sounds- he'll gurgle different vowel sounds loudly and then shreak all crazy-like and then laugh at himself, because he is so proud of the sounds he's making. mommy is proud, too- can't you tell? sorry, guys. hearing this stuff is probably like being forced to look at your neighbors photos of their annual trip to disney world..... but this is just so exciting to me! can't help it. also, even though he doesn't have much say in the matter, henry seems to enjoy the things we enjoy. mike and i are praying that he is creative and into art and music as much as we are, if not more. you never know- he could go all alex p. keaton on us... but let's hope not.


Anonymous said...

There's a ringing endorsement.

Radiohead: Music only babies can tolerate.


Cassie said...

I had a crush on Alex.

Marissa said...

cassie- you would have a crush on alex p. let's chat aboujt your election picks for the next presidential race, okay?