Wednesday, March 28, 2007


i take my coffee black, but every once in awhile i add cream and sugar for that extra zing. this morning was a cream and sugar morning; made complete by one of my favorite cups i picked up while studying in chamonix, france. i was up extra late last night watching the film 'babel'. i found it nearly impossible to sleep afterwards. something about the film gave me strong feelings of deja vu; perhaps because it seemed to be a sort of reminiscent blend of past loves: one of my favorite films of all time- 'the sheltering sky' (directed by bertolucci, but based on the amazing novel by paul bowles); and the short story 'hills like white elephants' (hemingway). not to mention my past interest in afrique du nord, the cities and remote desert villages alike. this film made me feel glad that i never did move to casablanca, as i had once planned. interesting how the characters who were the most innocent suffered the greatest loss. the greatest message of the film is the importance of being decent...we need more decency in this world. (note to self: when travelling by bus, always take the aisle seat; and, must one day visit tokyo)

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interesting thoughts, m. so true.