Thursday, February 15, 2007

in a lovin' mood.

some more things that are turning my pupils into little hearts... i just saw a preview for the new spring keds line, and they've brought in other designers, in addition to a return by eleanor grosch. who knew keds could be cool again? i thought they were so over when i returned to school after summer break from the seventh grade. i really love my owl keds from the fall, but nico p'd on them, and they shrunk in the wash. bad dog. i am also lovin' on some thomas pynchon (early stories) slow learner- haven't really revisited since i was wowed by one of his short stories (entropy) in college. and- the new anthropologie catalogues just arrived. loveliness. i am so feelin' the wallpapers... and these peel right on and right off- not your mother's wallpaper. and for the piece de resistance, also via anthropologie: the chlorophyll study dress, a jaunty little number, perfect for those spring weddings.... shows the cross-section of a leaf, all cellular style- oh i love this in a bad, bad way. tres jolie. too bad i have no $$$$ for these sorts of things.... but okay to dream.


suzystel said...

i actually just ordered that beanstalk skirt that's on the cover of anthropologie's print edition, thinking that it looks perfect for spring evenings! and, i just got a new sandpiper pillow designed by eleanor grolsch. mmmm. i can't wait for the new keds!

Marissa said...

excellent taste, suzyQ.

thepinktree said...

i got a pair of new keds the other night at the good old broadway. they are white and black. with flowers.

that pink and orange is sooo good together. i am glad we are on the bloogins. same old blogggggins.

ive got some questions for you.

im off monday.