Wednesday, February 21, 2007

bobbin' and weavin'.

so i'm going to finally learn how to sew. so, sew, right? not so simple after all. went to the fabric store yesterday and felt as if i was crashing someone else's party; or sneaking in the backdoor of the freemason's temple disguised as a man who knows the secret knock. well peple, i infact don't know the secret knock. scads of women roamed the aisles with the same determined (yet oddly blank) expressions. i noticed several quickly identifiable sects in this secret club of women: the older women, well-heeled, drenched in perfume ladies who stuck around only in the upholstery and 'designer' aisles.... the women sewing what i can only imagine could be iceskating costumes- who hung around the 'razzle-dazzle' section- sequins, metallic pom-pom trims, etc. Then there were the women whom i suspect could be described as sewing 'purists'- i.e. everything they ever wear is handmade, but they try to erase any signs of the handmade (which is what gives 'handmade' its charm, in my opinion). Their devotion is made obvious by their matchy-matchy vogue pattern no. 2,000,000,043 ensembles... and don't forget the sports fanatic/school spirit mom, who devoured any ream of uva fabric that crossed her path- as if someone else behind her was also trying to grab it. And i swear this one woman was following me- part of the razzle-dazzle sect- she would pick up everything that i touched almost immediately after i touched it- i noticed this because she was straying far past the metallic pom-poms, all the way to the blase blah purse handles....hmmm. i really liked some of the fabrics i saw. most of them involved small dots. i saw alot of fabrics that i didn't like... I really felt lost in there, but was afraid if I asked a question the other women would overhear and then promptly tar and feather me. yes. I am an almost thirty year old woman and i know NOTHING about sewing. so there. if ever something required sewing or mending, i would place it in a bag, in the farthest reaches of my closet, and wait for the sewing fairy to retrieve it (my guess is that the bag is still there, because none of these items have reappeared in my wardrobe). My mom came over yesterday and helped me put my thread spools in the right places... my machine has a self-threading needle, and apparently this is a very cool thing. I practiced some stitches, however the bobbin' is misbehavin'. somethin is amiss with my bobbin. my bobbin is turnin my headache throbbin..... you get the point. even after troubleshooting with my manual it is still jamming up the works. cassie: i need you. to be cont'd.


suzystel said...

ya know, i've been known to be quite handy in the sewing realm. how else do you think i survived on tour, selling cold, slimy veggie burritos? tee hee.

Marissa said...

did the burritos involve a bobbin? just kidding. i know all you phish ladies are handy with the thread. help!

Cassie said...

sounds like you have a tension problem. Probably bunching up, making thread nests, right? Just a quick turn of the dial and you'll be set straight. Just lemme know when you want me to show you.

You must have gone to Hancock. It's not a great place to seek help - they're always understaffed and grumpy.

I like the ladies at Fabric Hut. They actually enjoy giving advice.
Plus, they have Amy Butler!

Laura said...

Actually there's another type in the fabric store . . . someone who just buys/collects fabric for color and texture with the misguided intention of doing something wonderful . . . someday! Like the bumper sticker says: The one who dies with the most fabric wins!

Colleen said...

Got my sewing machine for this past Christmas. I was so exceited. Ran straight out to the fabric store to buy everything I needed for... I wandered around in a daze for about a hour and saw many of the people you descirbed. I kept waiting to get inspired. All I ended up making so far is two shoe bags for my shoes for work, easy and not to challening. Please share anything cool ides you have.