Tuesday, December 05, 2006

christmas balls.

I think I've finally amassed enough ornaments- to um, decorate a whole forest of trees this year. What can I say? My mom instilled within me a true love of holiday decoration. There is nothing better than pulling all of those boxes down from the attic and rediscovering things from years past. Enjoying these treasures for only a short time each year means they stay special forever. My husband thinks its all a bit wierd and unnecessary- and I can see his point... we really don't NEED three live trees this year...Our house being so small and everything...

I spent two hours putting lights on the tree last night. Before I began I plugged in all the strands, and checked all of the little bulbs. As soon as I finished connecting everything and getting all of the branches lit just right, the lights flashed off, then back on, then off- never to flash back on again. f'in merde.

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Cassie said...

you failed to mention the conception of your bebe after decorating the tree last winter.