Thursday, November 16, 2006


Henry is nine weeks today. He had his two month check- up yesterday, which included a nasty round of immunizations. Four shots in the meatiest part of his legs. I felt awful. It reminded me of how helpless I felt when he was born and had to go in to the nicu. It also made me think of Ken and Colleen. After all, this was just four quick little shots, and look what Ellie just went through! Four little shots is a piece of cake, really. Henry did fine and was pretty calm for the rest of the day. And- hallelujah!!!!! He slept straight through from midnight until 5:20 am. Unbelievable. It is amazing how much sunnier ones outlook becomes when they have had some sleep. Above are some pictures of the little one hamming it up.


Anonymous said...

sigh. The highlight of my morning is checking your blog for new pics of Henry!


Cassie said...

He's getting so cute! I had a dream about little Henry last night, but he was the size of a kitten. And I referred to him as a little papoose. Britney and Jamie Lynn were also in the dream, too, along with a secret Korean market you had to enter by a hidden door. Whatever.

I like the owl motif :)

Marissa said...

Thanks Suzy! I'm glad little Henry brings happiness!
Cassie- I had a dream about YOU last night- you were a security guard in a drugstore/market. Your uniform was simply a ninja outfit. It was a great look for you. And in the dream Beth was sneaking around looking for sitdown phone booths (pretty much non-existent except for at truck stops). She couldn't stop eating bags of small chocolate bars; and you knew where she had been because she'd leave a trail of candy wrappers. She would eat the candy and call everyone on the phone. And she and Tommy lived in a big loft apartment with these big giant windows. The windows kept sliding down the tracks; I kept putting them back up... I know, wierd. Cass- Henry has a message for you: meow. meow. I love my owl pillow and my god mommy.

Anonymous said...

love the last pic- what a ham!
i will try to give a hoot and not pollute in your dreams anymore.