Tuesday, October 31, 2006

happy halloweeny.

I absolutely adore halloween, so I'm a bit bummed about not dressing up this year. So here are a couple of pictures from last year. Mike and I were the flesh-eating doctor/nurse duo. I love the zombie nurse idea, because if girls dress in medical gear, it is usually the ubiquitous 'sexy nurse.' I like to take the sexy out and replace it with horrifying gore. Every year I have to be a gory something... flight attendant post crash, a girl scout who went trick or treating at the wrong house... any excuse to pretend like I have massive head trauma and decorate my knees like the caps got blown out. Fun!!! I wonder what I'll do next year? I don't want to scare poor Henry.

I have to finish my jack o'lanterns now- if I don't dress up, I have to do something beautiful for the porch to make it festive for the neighborhood kids. I'll post more pics of that (hopefully) later.

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Cassie said...

I'll bring my plastic animal masks over later.

I hope Rosemary's Baby comes on!