Friday, September 01, 2006

the tide came in to our backyard to beckon Henry's arrival!

the marsh is usually not this full


My husband and I like to execute major plans made around Christmas time during the height of hurricane season!
Mike proposed Christmas, 12/2002; we were married exactly one week after Hurricane Isabel, 09/2003;
we found out on Christmas Eve 12/2005 that we were expecting Henry; and now we are about to give birth during Hurricane Ernesto, 9/2006. odd.

I am really hoping today is the magic day...

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Cassie said...

I know! I was thinking the same thing this morning. Well, worse comes to worse, you can always call an ambulance. What if you tried to drive to the hospital and then your car stalls (see my blog for pic of my commute to work). What a wild story Henry would have, being born in a river. He would have a baptism after all! Just don't take Church Street.

Stay inside today.