Saturday, September 30, 2006

lazy saturday.

This is a perfect saturday afternoon- lazing about at the dining room table with the french doors open; no agenda except for a dinner invite later tonight. Henry is up all night and sleeps most of the day, so this is exactly what I can handle at the moment. He is a real party animal in the wee hours- I'm wondering when he will rearrange his day/night routine. He is like Johnny Depp in a hotel room- peeing on the blinds, spitting up as soon as he gets a clean onesie on, projectile pooping, going wild for some boobies... Well I don't know if Depp has a penchant for wearing onesies or pooping with abandon, but you catch my drift. Henry is like a little rock star. It is amazing how our bodies are able to adjust to lack of sleep- and the things one can do while half asleep. I can change a diaper with my eyes closed and nurse while lucidly dreaming. Talent! I knew I had it lurking somewhere in me.


Cassie said...

oh...that shirt IS cute.

Anonymous said...

i agree your first wife shirt IS so cute and it IS so nice.
any new henry pics?

Cassie said...

yeah. you gotta update!