Friday, September 29, 2006

crack t.v.

Being home and taking care of bebe means catching snippets of crazy daytime t.v. All of a sudden there is a plethora of new talk shows hosted by 'quirky' brunettes. One such show is the Rachael Ray show. I have seen her cooking show- It is okay. She has nice colorful appliances and gadgets. But I cringe and feel a tinge of nausea coming on every time she proclaims "E V O O" (extra virgin olive oil). I much prefer Giada, the sultry Italian; and the ultimate woman- the Barefoot Contessa.

So my husband and I are sitting here with Henry watching Rachael Ray. And we both kind of look at each other funny about ten minutes into the show. Is Rachael Ray hitting the speed? Is she drunk? I think she loves the cocaine. Mike thinks she is just a loud spaz. But he finds her completely entertaining. I find her more entertaining now that it is more about my new personal game of "let's guess the drug she's on" instead of "please, please don't say e v o o". Maybe that doesn't mean extra virgin olive oil, maybe it is code to the producer "get me some more crack."

Well to wrap this up: she was reminding me of someone and I couldn't quite put my finger on it. But then it came to me: Pee Wee Herman!!!! Rachael Ray is the female version of Pee Wee, or she is Pee Wee in a wrap-around dress. Watch the show and tell me you don't see it. Impossible.

i just looked at her site and they actually make shirts and infant clothing that bares phrases such as "yum-o" and "got e v oo?"


Cassie said...

courtney harris was on the show last friday with her penguins. sweet goodness.

Anonymous said...

when i was las in PA, pap C made the same comment- "I think that girl is smoking something funny. look- she tries to carry everything in the fridge at once"
i think it may be pcp

Marissa said...

beth- pappers is on to something!!!!
pcp it is!!